Thank you very much for visiting SportingArtisans.com. Effective january 1, 2023, all products on Sporting Artisans are for display only, and all orders are made directly with each artist. No payment method of any kind will be accepted by Sporting Artisans. It is a content-only site. Payment is made directly through each corresponding artist. 

This web site helps provide more information, pricing and instructions as to how to order each product. Each product contains an e-mail link to us or to the artist's web site. We can connect you directly with each artist. All prices quoted to you are what the artist charges. We sometimes take a commission from the artist for the sale, but this commission is not added to the price of any product. 

Please read all of these these terms and conditions. The descriptions of products and services on the web site are all subject to them. Use of our web site by you means that you accept and agree to these Sporting Artisans terms and conditions, and the use of this site is at your own risk. 

We may revise or update content and images without prior notice. We may update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Disputes are governed by the laws of the State of Michigan.

All individuals or companies represented on Sporting Artisans are referred to as artists.

An artist may elect to sell directly to you, or encourage you to purchase directly from their representative, such as a retailer, gallery etc. 

Sporting Artisans will endeavor to correctly describe the features, price and availability of each product, but this information can change without notice to you. Sporting Artisans is not liable for any changes in information, price or availability about each product or artist. We are also not liable for products that are discontinued. Some art is already sold, but often, you may commission a piece similar to what is displayed.

We will not collect, store or process any business or customer credit card numbers, and will not take credit card numbers over the phone, by email or any other communication. If you believe your card was used at Sporting Artisans prior to January 1, 2023 without your approval, please contact your bank or credit card company as soon as possible. (Sporting Artisans would never have charged a card that was not a legitimate order - that is meaning - communication would have been made between customer and Sporting Artisans prior to the actual sale.)

Contact: For more information, price or how to order from each artist, you can email: info@sportingartisans.com. Sporting Artisans does not respond to any emails that appear suspicious or appear to be phising attempts.

Paintings. There are no paintings, prints or etchings on Sporting Artisans.

Commissioned Items. You may commission an artist to do a sculpture or carving. In most cases, you may commission the artist to create a custom work similar, but not identical to what is shown on the site. Some works on this site are sold, but displayed specifically to encourage you to commission a piece similar to it by the same artist. You are encouraged to ask for more descriptions and images of artist’s original works, and Sporting Artisans can put you directly in contact with the artist so you may ask more questions about their work. All commissioned carvings and sculptures are purchased directly from the artist who will provide his/her own terms and conditions and will complete these sales. They will also provide you with shipping options and costs. All details and status concerning commissions will be provided by the artist. We are not responsible for any delays in timing and delivery of commissioned-as-new art or products, or customized and modified art or products. We or the artist will make every attempt to provide you with information about the progress of your art or product as often as possible and at your request.

We are not responsible for errors in quotes or delivery times made by an artist directly to you. If you receive a price quote from Sporting Artisans, keep in mind that we will not add more cost to the quote that the artist may give you. Our quote, as well as information about timing and delivery to you will be the same as quoted by the artist to us.

We are not responsible or liable for any art or product displayed on the web site that has already been sold out at a gallery or show, and are not required to replace and sell such sold item.

Domestic and International Shipping. Sporting Artisans does not ship or arrange for the shipping of any products shown on this web site. All products are shipped directly from the artist or their representative. Each artist will determine the shipping method and can elect to ship domestic-only or international. Any expedited overnight, 2- or 3-day shipping methods may be charged to you if you request these methods. The artist can provide a quote to you subject to your approval before shipping anything expedited. 

Timing and delivery of commissioned-as-new-customized or modified art merchandise varies in regards to pricing, timing and delivery. These factors are dependent upon the artist or manufacturer. Sporting Artisans makes no guarantees on delivery dates for any item.

No products using African animal hides or parts can be shipped internationally, and no Crocodile or elephant hide products can be shipped to California.

Repair or Replacement. Regarding original art, the artist repairs, replaces or refunds the art or product as they determine. If it is a one-of-a-kind piece, it is up to the artist’s sole determination as to whether it can be repaired or replaced. Any repair or replacement costs are up to the artist’s discretion. Sporting Artisans will not add any charges to repair or replacement costs.

Refunds and Returns. Each artist determines his/her policy on refunds and returns. Sporting Artisans does not assist with refunds or returns.

Gift Certificates. Each artists makes his or her own determination about gift certificates for their products and if offered, they will be provided directly from the artists.

Order Cancellation and Service Refusal. Each artist determines his/her policy on order cancellation. Sporting Artisans and each artist reserves the right to refuse a sale or service. Sales are not refused or cancelled for example, based upon age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political affiliation - just to name a few of the legal parameters.

Sales Tax. Sporting Artisans is an internet content-only site operating in the state of Michigan. Each artist determines the necessity and amount of collecting state sales taxes. Because Sporting Artisans does not sell products off this site, it is not responsible for collecting appropriate sales taxes.

We Welcome Your Comments and FeedbackThe only way to get better is to get better feedback, so any comments as to how to improve the use, accuracy and availability of content and images on this site is welcome.

Privacy Policy. Sporting Artisans will not share your e-mail or physical address with any third party without your permission, but may provide your contact information to an artist from which you are requesting more information about a product or service. Sporting Artisans does not knowingly collect information from any child under 13 years of age. 

Testimonials and user comments. Sporting Artisans may from time-to-time solicit or ask permission to use testimonials made by you. We do not accept responsibility for the accurateness or legality of your testimonials. We will not publish these without your permission. We will not use your name or location in association with a testimonial without your permission. 

If however, you wish to comment upon content or information by posting it on the Sporting Artisans web site or Sporting Artisans social media pages, these comments become the sole property of Sporting Artisans and can may be reposted or reprinted without your permission and without compensation to you in any way. We don’t accept the responsibility for accurateness or legality of any of your comments.

Restrictions Regarding the Use of this Site. You may access and view all of the content and images on the web site for personal, non-commercial use only. All artists and vendors on the web site retain the copyright of their artwork. Sporting Artisans and the artists retain the copyright of descriptions of their artwork. You may not download or use the artists' work for commercial purposes. All artists retail the full property rights of images of their artwork.

Pricing, Quantity, Availability and Product Descriptions. Original work is shipped to you directly from the artist or manufacturer. Each artist makes an attempt to get the work to you promptly and as safely as possible. Because many of the products are works of art and one-of-a-kind or limited editions, there may be quantity limits on art or products.  We cannot guarantee that an artwork or product currently displayed on the web site is still available and in stock, because in some of these cases for example, the artist may have sold the one-of-a-kind piece, sold out of the edition or discontinued the item for example. We will make every attempt to keep the art and product offerings current, but Sporting Artisans is not responsible for the product’s availability.

Errors or Omissions. Sporting Artisans tries to ensure that the availability of art and products, as well as the content, images and pricing are accurate and up-to-date. Even so, we can’t guarantee that the content, descriptions of product, images and pricing are free from errors, inaccuracies or omissions. These errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to product pricing, services, availability or time of delivery. Because some of the products are commissioned or created upon order or created with custom modifications, we can only estimate delivery times for these products, but will make every attempt to be as accurate as possible. Changes or modifications to a product or service that you request may affect the pricing and timing of delivery. Sporting Artisans maintains the right to update, correct or change any errors, inaccuracies or omissions - or information without prior notice.

Colors. We try to display artwork and products as close to the original work as possible, but because computer monitors vary, the color may be slightly different in the original from what you see on your monitor. We cannot guarantee that what you see on your monitor is exactly the color you will see in the original art or product.

Proprietary Rights. The Sporting Artisan’s logos and trademarks are property of Sporting Artisans. Any artist’s marks, trade names, images or logos on this web site are property of the artist or their respective owners. You may not reproduce, copy, change, manipulate or use them without the prior consent of the artist or their owners.

All artist’s product images are the property of the artist and are used here by permission of the artist, and are here for personal, non-commercial use and for the sale of such artist’s art and products on the web site only. You cannot reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly display, republish, or use any of their works for commercial purposes without the expressed consent of the artist.

Products or images on third party web sites. Sporting Artisans uses only art images and product images - as well as their respective definitions and any other information relating to them - by permission from the artist or manufacturer. In respect to firearms, Sporting Artisans may display images and content of such firearms that are for sale on a third party web site. However, Sporting Artisans does not sell, assist in the sale, nor does it get any commission or other compensation for the sale of any firearms. Display of firearms on the Sporting Artisans web site are for your information only - or to direct you to visit the third party web site that displays and sells them.

Liability Limitations. No Sporting Artisans employee, representative or artist we represent shall be liable to you for any damages resulting in the use of this website in any event whatsoever.  If you are not happy with this web site in any way, your sole, exclusive remedy is to cease your use of the web site. Any costs associated with the service, use or repairs of any equipment you use to access the site are at your own risk and Sporting Artisans is not liable for any damages related to the use of this web site. 

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The Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between you and Sporting Artisans as it pertains to this web site. Most art and merchandise is available upon order, and if not, we will notify you promptly. Sporting Artisans reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.