About Sporting Artisans

It all began with Patton and a plantation…

Sporting Artisans was an idea born in part from a painting I did of  5 Star General Patton – a National Retriever Champion. Patton graced a line of Ducks Unlimited t-shirts and I started getting requests for them back in 2008. Then I remembered a book called “The Sporting Life” in which two friend’s plantation houses were featured. I thought it would be nice to have a place on line where I could display a wide range of artwork and products that fit the outdoor and sporting lifestyle – just like I saw in the houses featured in that book.

Sporting Artisans is not only a retail site, but is an on-line gallery displaying great art. While most art/products are for sale on the site, some are for display only. Even so, in most cases, you may commission work from an artist you like – even if no products are listed for sale by them. We are always here to help with more information, pricing, and ordering. We can help you directly contact the artist. 

Many 2D art such as paintings and etchings have been sold or are at a gallery, but displayed so you can see the quality of the work or commission the artist to do something similar to it. We’re here to help. If a painting or etching you like is at a gallery, we can direct you to that gallery to purchase it from them, and we do not receive any compensation for the sale.

For more information, price or how to order please email: info@sportingartisans.com

Thanks for stopping by!

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