It all began with Patton and a plantation...

It all began with Patton and a plantation.

Sporting Artisans was an idea born in part from a painting I did of a National Open Retriever Champion - 5 Star General Patton. Patton graced a line of t-shirts and I started getting requests for them. Then I remembered a book called "The Sporting Life" in which two friend's houses were featured, and I though that it would be nice to have a place on line where I could offer a wide range of artwork and products that fit the outdoor and sporting lifestyle - just like I saw in the houses featured in that book.

This web site displays and offers works of art and products for commission or sale, but not through a conventional web shopping cart. This allows for a more personal experience in these days of high-tech. Purchasing art is personal, and these works of art are not sitting on a warehouse shelf. Most of them have to be created and customized to your order. If you are interested in getting more information or purchasing here, simply e-mail  I'll get back to you and contact the artist to get the work of art to you. I simply send a Pay Pal invoice to complete the process. It's easy and you don't need an account.  

Hopefully, you’ll come back often, because more and more art and artists will be added over time. Plus, these folks happen to be some very nice people - as well as very talented of course.

Thanks for stopping by.

 Chris Chantland