It all began with Patton and a plantation...

I founded Sporting Artisans in 2008 after a long employment with the Tri-Tronics and Iams companies. With no other choice but my art work to turn to, I embarked on the dream of actually becoming a full-time artist. To help discipline myself to start painting again, and to support some of the organizations I had long been affiliated with through my old jobs, I decided to sponsor the National Open and Amateur Retriever Clubs by painting each year’s champion. 5-Star General Patton was one of the first dogs I painted. Shortly afterwards, he was chosen to be featured on a line of Ducks Unlimited t-shirts. I started getting requests from people who wanted to buy the t-shirts - who owned pups out of Patton.

Then I started thinking about the idea of featuring not only the t-shirts, but artwork from fellow nationally acclaimed artists I exhibited with, knew and/or liked. I remembered many of the plantation houses I visited often in South Georgia. One owned in particular by a friend of mine was filled with every kind of sporting art imaginable - from the wine coasters all the way to the bronze sculptures. Her home was featured in a book about houses devoted to the sporting life and I thought - wouldn’t it be neat to have a web site filled with the idea that you could find all kinds of high-quality custom art and related art-related merchandise on one site.

And wouldn’t it be nice if many of the items could be customized or commissioned?

And so, Sporting Artisans basically has become an art show and sporting/outdoor oriented house on line. Now after several months of working with a couple great companies - one from a friend in the lab world, and another locally in the shooting sports world, I am able to relaunch the Sporting Artisans idea into something bigger and better. 

Hopefully, you’ll come back often, because more and more art and artists will be added frequently. Plus, these folks happen to be some very nice people - as well as very talented of course. 

Thanks for stopping by.

 Chris Chantland