New York and Italy both make up the talent that was combined to make C.L Whiting the person that people nationwide know as a Master Leathercrafter.

People who are familiar with the art of leathercrafting say that what C.L Whiting does “is impossible to do!” But, when people realize that this artist is accomplished in all forms of artwork, from watercolor to oils to pastels, it makes more sense. And with the knowledge that the work that C.L. Whiting produces on leather is a combination of years of perfecting all these forms of art to create this unusual leatherwork, it becomes more understandable how it is achieved. This leatherwork is sought by everyone from museums to celebrities, as well the world’s finest galleries, and now it is available directly from C.L. Whiting to you personally!

The story began in upstate New York over 20 years ago where C.L. Whiting developed a love for nature, and a passion for detail. While working part time at a small leather shop and studying art at a New York university the opportunity arose for C.L. to become an apprentice under an Italian engraver who was retiring and desired to pass along his technique for making fine detailed tools to someone who would appreciated it.

After years of study and countless hours of time, C.L. began to create a one of kind, unique process that no one in the world could imagine possible. By combining the artistic art forms learned in school, along with those specialized engraving skills gained through this apprenticeship, C.L. discovered the ability to produce tools in the shape of leaves with uncanny microscopic detail. C.L. withdrew from the university and began spending years developing over 5,000 tools in different leaf patterns using nature as the model. Only then did C.L. realize the uniqueness of this new art form, and only then did the products you now see begin to be produced. Just like a fine wine, only with the utmost quality and personal attention, will the products designed and produced by C.L. Whiting be sent to you.

Like an artist painting a picture, an entire hide is tooled creating an original, one-of-a-kind work of art. With a great respect for nature and acquired knowledge of leather work, C.L. Whiting has personally trained several skilled craftspeople to help with the cutting, sewing, and finishing touches. This enables C.L. to create more of the beautiful hand tooled hides which are then made into finely detailed, meticulously finished leather goods. These original works of art are sought by fine gift stores, collectors, and notable art galleries across the country. The C.L. Whiting Collection are original one-of-a-kind pieces of art. They last and last and last… These beautiful works of art, no two alike, come in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

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