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  • Buckles are made with oyster shells, jewelers resin, and recycled nickel and brass
  • Made by hand tools - no two are identical and signed by Dr. Mark Goodwin
  • 2.25 inches diameter buckle
  • Each buckle is made to order
  • This buckle is partnered with a full grain 1.5" wide full grain top quality buffalo leather belt
  • Belt size is waist size in inches, plus 2
  • Choose brown or black belt
  • Free US ground shipping.


"I make each artisan belt buckle one at a time using hand tools and traditional jeweler’s methods.  All buckles are made with oyster shells, jewelers resin, and recycled nickel and brass, hallmarked and signed by me.

The process starts with hand picked oyster shells. After washing and drying, the shells are pulverized and tumbled. Then they are selected and sorted by size and color. After mixing with jeweler’s resin, the oyster shells are packed into a silicone mold.After curing for a week, the oyster shell casting is sawed into biscuits, filed, and wet sanded through a series of grits from 60 to 600.

The oyster shell biscuit is permanently bonded to cartridge brass to which nickel attachments have previously been silver soldered.After final sanding, the assembled buckle is washed, dried, and coated with a warm mixture of turpentine and beeswax. Then it is hand buffed with a soft cloth. Each buckle is made with hand tools, signed and hallmarked by me." Dr. Mark Goodwin

2.25 inches diameter buckle. 

This buckle is partnered with a full grain buffalo leather belt.

This belt is top quality buffalo hide leather. Full grain buffalo leather is also known as English saddle leather. It is the best quality leather you can buy. Buffalo is thicker than cow hide and has a more pronounced grain. With appropriate care, buffalo leather will last a lifetime, and will develop a rich patina which enhances the beauty of the leather.

Buffalo leather is softer and more flexible, and resists abrasion better than cow hide. Unlike cow hide, buffalo hides are not stretched during the tanning process. This full grain buffalo leather belt is stronger and more durable than cow leather. And because it is "pulled up" leather, it assimilates marks and scratches to create a unique patina.

Belt size is waist size in inches, plus 2.

Free US ground shipping.

About the Artist - Tyger Forge - Artisan Crafted Belts

Tyger Forge logoTyger Forge makes each belt buckle from six 100% recycled USA metals and gemstones. Hand tools and traditional jeweler's methods are used to craft each buckle into art that you can wear 365 days, all year long.

For the ultimate in choice, convenience, and flexibility, the buckles and fine USA solid leather belts are sold separately. Buckle. Belt. Or both.

Tyger Forge also makes the world's best web belt: their GatorGrip© belt that never slip. The GatorGrip© sportsman's belts are the world's best because the solid brass GatorGrip© buckle stays where you put it, and will never slip during a day in the field, or on the water. GatorGrips are handsome, comfortable, strong, and rustproof! Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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