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The amazing thing about Leaf Leather is that these designs are not imprints - they are artistically designed and hand-tooled into the leather with magnificent and intricate detail by CL Whiting. Each design is one-of-a-kind. She has spent years developing over 5,000 tools in different leaf patterns using nature as her model. So not only is this product durable and functional, it is a work of art.

Using the best garment leather, the leaf patterns are raised in texture. The products are built to last and lined with leather - not cloth. Because of the product's longevity, classic styles are still being created. Leaf Leather products are like fine wine that age gracefully.

Leaf Leather has a number of patterns as you can see by these examples, and CL Whiting will select one for you that best compliments this product. If you have a preference in a pattern from these options, or would like to suggest an idea, you can let us know. (For example "I want a lot of contrast or "I want mostly leafy patterns," etc.) For more information, price or how to order please email:

Each Leaf Leather product is hand crafted by CL Whiting and made-to-order, so please allow about  2 - 4 weeks to make it. We will then notify you about shipping time as soon as possible. If you desire expedited shipping, please contact us.

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About the Artist - CL Whiting - Leaf Leather, Hand-Tooled Leather Accessories

L LeatherEverything Leaf Leather has created has been with their customers in mind, and every heartfelt comment and suggestion has been fused into their designs.

It is customer loyalty that keeps Leaf Leather going year after year. An eagerness to see “what’s new?” evolves their styles. This partnership, is their history; one does not have one without the other. Leaf Leather products have an impressive longevity, (some have been seen 30 years later). They have learned to keep to classic styles and silhouettes. You won’t find the “it” bag of the moment, because when the shine fades, you won’t want to wear it anymore and that is the completely opposite of Leaf Leather's loyal fans.

Customers of Leaf Leather want to wear it, caress it, and hold it for as long as they can. So they've created styles that are updated but functional, including pockets for readers and phones. They've combined the best garment leather with an intricate leaf inspired raised texture, that begs to be touched and built them to last - using the finest materials which are lined with leather not cloth. So when you purchase Leaf Leather, you purchase a work of art that will age gracefully.

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