High Flyer (Mourning Dove Bronze Sculpture) - Liz Lewis

  • Life-sized bronze sculpture of a mourning dove
  • Wall mounting
  • Size: 10” x 5” x 2.5”
  • Edition Limited to 40
  • For more information, price or how to order please email: info@sportingartisans.com

From dogs, to upland birds, to fish, to horses and all things wild, Liz Lewis captures the spirit of her subjects in bronze from her studio in Bozeman, Montana. But what is unique about her work is the varied, subtle and beautifully rich patinas she incorporates into her bronzes. And while most bronzes are set in stone as it were, her customers can actually request patinas for certain works. 

This is a life-sized bronze sculpture of a Mourning Dove to be mounted and displayed on the wall.

Size: 10” x 5” x 2.5”

Edition Limited to 40

About the Artist - Liz Lewis, Wildlife Bronze Sculptures

Liz Lewsi

Liz grew up in the Midwest, an outdoor kid from the beginning. She enjoyed catching critters and observing wildlife. Her family shared with her their love for shooting, bird hunting & fishing, which became an integral part of her life. Liz later became a sponsored sporting clays shooter for Beretta, USA. All the while she was never far from her art supplies, and she created the subjects she knew and loved most.

With a Fish & Wildlife Biology degree from Montana State, Liz continued to develop her keen eye for wildlife and their habits. Her free time is still spent with a fly rod, gun or bow, in a boat, on a horse or behind her bird dogs. Together with her family, she explores the mountains, prairies and waters of Montana, living a truly sporting life. Liz has worked as a shooting instructor, fly fishing guide and sporting photographer. Her bronzes reflect her experiences in the field, and a passion for her subject. 

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