Dee (Welded Bronze Chickadee Sculpture) Don Rambadt


Dee - Bronze Sculpture of a Chickadee.

6" x 4" x 3"

"Dee" - Bronze Sculpture of a Chickadee

6" x 4" x 3"

Edition of 44

This piece is sold out, but you can commission one like it. Please call us if interested.

About the Artist - Don Rambadt, Bronze/Metal Sculptures

don r"I sculpt because I enjoy the challenge of manipulating space, I choose birds as my subject matter because they fascinate me to no end." Using birds as a point of departure,Don explores the relationship of positive and negative space and manipulates this interplay in mixed metals to give the impression of life and movement.His work, although somewhat abstract, is based on anatomical accuracy, "I feel you should have an intimate understanding of your subject matter before you attempt to abstract it. This allows you to select which characteristics to emphasize, or de-emphasize, in order to create a certain feeling in the piece".

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