Fieldsport - High-Grade Guns, Wingshooting Schools & Gun Fitting Services

Fieldsport LogoSporting Artisans has has a long affiliation and affinity with Fieldsport in Traverse City, MI. While Sporting Artisans does not sell guns, nor gets a commission from the sale of them, we do love the artistry of the guns Fieldsport sells, and hope you take a look at their web site and come by their store. From time-to time, we join with Fieldsport to bring you special finds - such as sculptures, works of art, collectibles and other high quality wingshooting items.

Every gun Fieldsport sells is specifically identified to be displayed and themed with similar guns. For example, side by side shotguns are grouped by country of origin, gun maker, gauge and barrel length, etc. When you walk into their new, long Gun Room, they'll guide you directly to either the gun on your bucket list or one that is of special interest to you. Of course, if you simply want to browse through one of the finest selections of high grade shotguns, rifles and handguns in the country, enjoy the experience. There are no high pressured sales pitches from their staff, and they do not work on commission. Their pleasure is to help you acquire the gun you really want, not the one they want to sell you.close up

Fieldsport provides in-store gun fit analysis, with every gun they sell. Under the guidance and trained eye of one of most experienced gun fitters in America, Bryan Bilinski, you will be advised on how the gun you choose fits you and if any relative stock dimensional changes appear to need to be made.

And don't forget - be sure to check in to their site to get the latest dates on Fieldsport's Wingshooting schools, because they fill up quickly. We invite you to enjoy a tour through their new, FIELDSPORT Gun Room. If you are interested in a specific gun or find the perfect gun for you, please either call them @ 231-933-0767 or email @ or

Fieldsport - High-Grade Guns, Wingshooting Schools & Gun Fitting Services

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