Cape Buffalo (Bronze Sculpture Bookend) - John Tolmay

  • Cape Buffalo Bronze Sculpture Bookend
  • Dimensions: H: 13” L: 11” W: 9” (33cm x 27cm x 22cm)
  • Edition: 20

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"My friend and PH Lou Hallamore known to so many hunters around the world has an interesting habit of suggesting that it is “Time to Get Nervous” when a bad situation may be developing. I had sculpted a full body desk top Cape Buffalo and when it was complete I decided I was not happy with the hindquarters so I cut it down the center and mounted it like that. Well what to call it? Why not “Get Nervous?”. He is for sure coming your way and if you are not nervous then you are Iron Man." JT

Edition: 20

Dimensions: H: 13” L: 11” W: 9” (33cm x 27cm x 22cm)

Weight: 25lbs (11kg)

About the Artist - John Tolmay

John Tolmay"I live in that head-space between past and present, translating scenes and images that are vividly recorded in my mind into waxes and clays. I use various foundries around the States to expertly cast them into the pieces of art that grace homes, studios, trophy rooms and offices around the world. While being an artist and a hunter I am also personally committed to Conservation. I started what is known as the “Nyawa Pilot Project” in Zambia.

The aim of this project is to achieve a better balance for rural people and their resources. Gradually the slow process of change is gaining momentum and it is my sincere hope that the concept of Community Based Wildlife Management will cease to be something that is only spoken about and become policy in the near future."

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