English Bridle LeatherEnglish Bridle Leather is a firmer leather than other leathers - used for hundreds of years in the equestrian world - hence the name. It is made from the highest quality vegateble-tanned cowhide. The deep consistent colors of the hides are acheived by dying the hides in drums. When the dying process is complete, the leather is then "hot-stuffed with waxes which gives it a very rich and durable finish.

Once the leather is completed, it will be stiff, but over time with wear and breaking it in, it will become soft and supple. But the added benefit is that it has a lot of strength. This is why artisans like Royden Leather Belts uses the leather for all of its belts and journals.

Each tannery has their own formulas for tanning their hides, which are used to give the leather a different feel or look. English Bridle Leather develops it's patina over time - not as instantly as saddle leather. In other words, it ages like fine wine.

English Bridle Leather is typically used for high-end leather goods and equestrian gear. and it is the ideal type of leather used for high-end products like the Royden Leather Belts for example. It's highly durable, strong, conditions well, and has a nice look because the dye reveals the grain of the hide.

Cheaper leather bels from overseas and sold in discount stores sometimes have cardboard in the middle - sandwiched between thin leather strips. You can be sure that when you get English Bridle Leather, you are getting something all natural. The leather is leather all the way through - and it's durable.

Bottom line - it's a rich, beautiful looking, great feeling leather that just doesn't wear out.