I've always loved the rough look of almost anything when it comes to decor. It just lends that earthy, classic vintage feel and when you use it, it looks better the more you use it.

So I got this idea by seeing another artist's work, and started searching for Italian Marble items that might be a good fit with my own artwork. I'm good at diligently searching on the world wide web, but got sidetracked by a web site featuring items for the wine enthusiast. There they offered  - beautiful, elegant and classic Italian Marble coasters. I loved the look. But who made them?

More searching and finally - I found Studio Vertu. Not sure if these were the folks who made the wine coasters I liked. But I liked what they offered on their own site. I called the folks there - very friendly. The owner - Marlane - and I chatted for 30 - 45 minutes and we discovered we both had the same passion - for beauiful works of art hand-made with careful attention to detail. And we also shared the fact we are both artists/artisans who have struggled getting our start.

Studio Vertu Montage

Marlane had some lean years at first, but she's gowing her company without sacrificing the art part of it or the friendly familyatmosphere. And last but not least - her company - Studio Vertu - makes  beautiful Italian Marble coasters, trivets, wine stoppers, ornaments and more - and they are the same company that made the coasters I loved on the wine web site.

Studio Vertu prints a wide range of wonderful art on their products - from horses, to dogs, to flowers, sports, nautical themes and more. Some vintage. Some contemporary. Some whimisical. But all that look good in Italian Marble.

What I like best is that Studio Vertu is a perfect fit for Sporting Artisans because they can make custom products. So check back here often, because soon there will be more of these works of art made from marble from the quarries of Italy by Studio Vertu.