Antelope Belt - Royden Leather Belts

  • Hand-made from top-quality English Bridle Leather 
  • Top grain, oil tanned cowhide
  • Authentic brass casting of antelope by wildlife artist Sid Bell 
  • Solid brass, antique finish buckle
  • Leather color is deep mahogany
  • 1 1/2" wide
  • Choose even sizes 30" - 68." 
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • For more information, price or how to order please email:

An authentic brass casting of an Antelope by wildlife artist Sid Bell is on the keeper. Hand fashioned from top grain English Bridle Leather. The Antelope ornament and buckle are solid brass, antique finish. Deep mahogany in color.

The 1 1/2" belt comes in even sizes of 30" - 68."

Royden's belts are made from the top grain leather shoulders, with solid brass buckles and brass ornaments. They require hand-tooling and workmanship. These are not total machine-made belts, adding to their high quality.

All Royden leather belts are made in the USA.

Item 1869 1.5 

About The Artist - Royden, Inc. - Distinctive Leather Goods

beltRoyden Leather Belts have been hand crafted in Pennsylvania since 1947. Our belts are made from the finest top grain leather and several of the early tools used to hand craft the leather are still used in making our fine leather belts for dress, casual and sport. They are rugged and durable. Many style belts have solid brass buckles and ornaments that are polished and lacquered or have an antique finish. We offer a large variety of belts with simple classic lines that look good and always in style. All of our belts are made to order for you from Size 30 to Size 70 and we stand behind all of our products. If you remember your Grandfather wearing a leather belt with an authentic 12 Gauge shotgun shell cap on the keeper, chances are the belt was made by Royden Leather. We continue to make this popular Shotshell Belt for the sport shooter and sportsman. We even make leather Shotshell Dog Collars for our four legged friends. Many of our other leather belts sport a brass wildlife ornament on the leather keeper, such as Deer, Turkey, Ducks, Labs, Bird Dogs, Quail, Pheasant, Elk, Trout, Bear and many more. Most of the brass ornaments are copyright wildlife carvings by Wildlife Artist Sid Bell, known as the Alaskan Silversmith. His precious metal carvings continue to be highly valued and collector’s items. Other sport belts from Royden Leather Belts are made from genuine leather camouflage patterns, copyright registered: Mossy Oak Infinity, Mossy Oak Break Up, Advantage AP, Advantage Timber and Realtree Hardwoods. The buckles are steel with a powder coat matt black finish and when worn with the camo pattern pants and shirt, it gives a harmonious look. Many wear them with just about any style pants, jeans, or outdoor wear.

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