Alaskan Haida Bear Mask Pewter Buckle - Sid Bell Originals

  • Brushed pewter buckle with engraved lettering around the buckle
  • Measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/2" 
  • Fitted with a 1 1/2" wire loop on back for sportswear
  • Crafted from the best jeweler's grade lead free pewter
  • Made in the USA

This buckle was a design by Sid Bell and inspired by the culture of the Alskan Haida Tribe. Sid Bell made several American cultural masks and figures which were spiritual and symbolic to tribal culture. A very unique and beautiful buckle design. Measures 3" x 2 1/4". Fitted with a 1 1/2" wire loop on back for sportwear. These buckles are made from the best jeweler's grade lead free pewter. Made in the USA.

This can be paired with Royden leather to make a full belt.

About the Artist - Sid Bell Originals, Wildlife Carvings in Pewter and Precious Metals

sid bell

It all began in Alaska in the 1960's when Sid Bell, working as a Geologist for the Bureau of Mines formed a hobby to fill the long winter arctic evenings. Living so close to nature enabled him to capture the details of wildlife and transform them into his master carvings in silver for his designs in precious metals (Sid Bell Originals) and in pewter (Pilgrim Pewter). In 2008, Jeff Karner, from Bucks County PA, who had been a long time customer of Sid Bell Originals, purchased all of the authentic Sid Bell designs, masters and molds, and all of the rights of both Sid Bell Originals & Pilgrim Pewter. The company continues to cast the original designs from Sid Bell and they are made in the same way that Sid made them for production. Sid used his single master carving of each piece to recreate his lapel pins, bolo ties, buckles and all of his items. Almost every silver piece has the copyright mark and date that Sid introduced the design into production; ie 1964. So when you order most any piece, a bit of its history is usually on the back of the item, in addition to the artists's makers mark, Sid Bell, Tully NY.
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