Accepting the Challenge (Sable Antelope Bronze Sculpture) - John Tolmay

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Accepting the Challenge (Sable Antelope Bronze Sculpture) - John Tolmay

Accepting the Challenge Sable Antelope Bronze Sculpture

Dimensions: H: 12” L: 15” W: 7”



"Years ago on the ridge of spine running down the then Rhodesia, I saw two Sable bulls squaring off to fight.  It never came to a fight, they only postured and there were many really impressive gestures.  After about 30 minutes of showing off the one bull was intimidated enough to where he broke off and ran with the victor running up behind making impressive sweeps with his horns. I never saw this again and I have never seen any wounds on Sable bulls.  It occurs to me that they rarely, if ever, get into a full on fight - it could be pretty deadly if they did go for each other full on. What you see here is one of the stances they took among other gestures of defiance.  The victor had a trophy that measured 46 inches and has a place in a beautiful home in Paris, France."

Edition: 20

Dimensions: H: 12” L: 15” W: 7”

Weight: 11lb (4.9kg)

About the Artist - John Tolmay

John Tolmay"I live in that head-space between past and present, translating scenes and images that are vividly recorded in my mind into waxes and clays. I use various foundries around the States to expertly cast them into the pieces of art that grace homes, studios, trophy rooms and offices around the world. While being an artist and a hunter I am also personally committed to Conservation. I started what is known as the “Nyawa Pilot Project” in Zambia.

The aim of this project is to achieve a better balance for rural people and their resources. Gradually the slow process of change is gaining momentum and it is my sincere hope that the concept of Community Based Wildlife Management will cease to be something that is only spoken about and become policy in the near future."

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